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Hi, my name is Lindsey Stewart. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my husband Scott and three beautiful children, Lucy, Jack and Nora. I've been a professional photographer for twelve years. Before that, I fell in love with the darkroom and graduated with a BFA at the Universty of Utah.

My passions are road trips, hiking, summer nights, and the thrill of discovery. You know that moment when you drive around a corner and the sun is setting and you are on a cliff/by the ocean/looking over a valley/mountain, and your breath catches in your throat? That is the moment I'm constantly chasing. I find joy in balancing adventure with all of the quiet moments in between. It's my privilege to document your story, your adventure, and all your in betweens.

Come on in and look around, then contact me to see how I can help you do just that.