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Lindsey Stewart is a lifestyle and film photographer living in SLC, UT. She graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in photography in 2005 and has been photographing weddings and families ever since. 


I've been a photographer half my life. I picked up the camera seriously as an art student and fell in love with a medium that I never knew was mine. I haven't stopped since. My story includes graduating with a fine art degree, running a small studio and then starting my own business as Green Apple Photography ten years ago. Now I'm beginning the next phase as my journey under my own name, Lindsey Stewart Photography. But rather then my how, I'd rather share my why. When I started my own company I was in the midst of change. The studio that I helped grow was ending, the family I had hoped to start grow looked like it might never happen, I was hitting my 30 year decade mark and it was a moment of deep reflection. I made the choice to focus on beginnings rather then endings. I leapt in with a full heart and my family and business grew together. You became a part of my story, as I've hopefully become a part of yours. My why is you. Your love, your beginning, your middle. I've loved being a chapter in your story.

As I have had my own children I recognize even deeper how meaningful it is to capture memories. First kisses, lovers and babies. Dancing with your loves, and remembering how those moments felt. I want that for you. Whether it's your wedding, your first baby or your last, I want you to have those memories. My promise is to always document you as faithfully and as beautifully as you are. To capture that magic that is you, your love and your life. Thank you, as always, for your trust in me these last 10 years. It has meant everything to me and my family.

XOXO Lindsey