Green Apple Photography 2013 Highlights01.02.14


2013, I will remember you as the year of no sleep! The year I had a newborn, the year we lost Ollie, the year that challenged me in ways unexpected. The year of evaluation and soul searching, of making new friends, and stretching my shy self a bit. I have never done one of these 2013 photo recaps, and after several hours of working on this, I know why! It exposes one of my greatest photography weaknesses…editing! How do I choose a favorite, one favorite from each wedding, session, family? Obviously, I couldn’t do it. Sometimes I just couldn’t pick a favorite, and had to do two, or three. But I sure did try to keep this short. It’s a little bit fascinating to look back over these. I remember each session, for where Jack was growing, how he was sleeping, what the weather was like. All of my clients have become part of my collective conscience. Nina and Landon, I’ll never forget flying to your wedding, with my 6 week-old, and three bags of luggage to contain all he needed! That after your absolutely beautiful day, I came out to the car, and my family was waiting for me there, and Jack hungry! I’ll never forget that it rained at every single one of Katie and Chris’s three events. Crazy, torrential rain, that didn’t stop them one little bit, and their day was unexpected, and adventurous and perfect. How I photographed Mallory in the early stages of Spring, and then, 9 months later, again, right before her perfect boy made his way to her and officially changed everything for the better. I remember shooting Mari and Blake’s wedding three years ago, and their perfect newborn just recently, but also, how they modeled for me 18 months ago, with their first newborn in tow. How I knew Elyse when she was growing up, and Alex and Blake, when Lucy was 9 months, along for the ride in Idaho Falls. Life keeps moving on, and I’m so grateful for that one little part of it I get to share with you. You truly become a part of my life, and I’m grateful for the beautiful moments that are opened up to me through knowing you.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014. One with maybe a little more sleep, and just as much love. Happy New Year’s!

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  1. You are such a lovely photographer and person. I adore you. What a year! Here’s to a better 2014 for the both of us, but keep up the stunning photos. You are amazing.

  2. Linds, I love all of these! So beautiful!

  3. You are just plain crazy talented! I love this post- so much beauty in one place! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bravo! You must be so proud of this body of work! It is stunning and incredible. It truly tells a story of your eye for all things lovely. Love you dearly!

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