Katie and Chris | Utah Mountain Wedding03.16.14


Katie and Chris’s beautiful wedding, outshone the rain. Their day was beautiful, unexpected and perfect.

greenapplephotography_katie_0002 greenapplephotography_katie_0003 greenapplephotography_katie_0004 greenapplephotography_katie_0005 greenapplephotography_katie_0006 greenapplephotography_katie_0007 greenapplephotography_katie_0008 greenapplephotography_katie_0009 greenapplephotography_katie_0010 greenapplephotography_katie_0011 greenapplephotography_katie_0012 greenapplephotography_katie_0013 greenapplephotography_katie_0014 greenapplephotography_katie_0015 greenapplephotography_katie_0016 greenapplephotography_katie_0017 greenapplephotography_katie_0018 greenapplephotography_katie_0019 greenapplephotography_katie_0020 greenapplephotography_katie_0021 greenapplephotography_katie_0022 greenapplephotography_katie_0023 greenapplephotography_katie_0024 greenapplephotography_katie_0025 greenapplephotography_katie_0026 greenapplephotography_katie_0027 greenapplephotography_katie_0028 greenapplephotography_katie_0029 greenapplephotography_katie_0030 greenapplephotography_katie_0031 greenapplephotography_katie_0032 greenapplephotography_katie_0033 greenapplephotography_katie_0034 greenapplephotography_katie_0035 greenapplephotography_katie_0036 greenapplephotography_katie_0037 greenapplephotography_katie_0038 greenapplephotography_katie_0039 greenapplephotography_katie_0040 greenapplephotography_katie_0041 greenapplephotography_katie_0042 greenapplephotography_katie_0043 greenapplephotography_katie_0044 greenapplephotography_katie_0045 greenapplephotography_katie_0046 greenapplephotography_katie_0047  greenapplephotography_katie_0049 greenapplephotography_katie_0050 greenapplephotography_katie_0051 greenapplephotography_katie_0052 greenapplephotography_katie_0053 greenapplephotography_katie_0054 greenapplephotography_katie_0055 greenapplephotography_katie_0056 greenapplephotography_katie_0057 greenapplephotography_katie_0058 greenapplephotography_katie_0059 greenapplephotography_katie_0060 greenapplephotography_katie_0061 greenapplephotography_katie_0062 greenapplephotography_katie_0063 greenapplephotography_katie_0064 greenapplephotography_katie_0065 greenapplephotography_katie_0066 greenapplephotography_katie_0067 greenapplephotography_katie_0068 greenapplephotography_katie_0069 greenapplephotography_katie_0070 greenapplephotography_katie_0071 greenapplephotography_katie_0072

A huge thank you to Lindsey Orton for being my fabulous 2nd shooter.

Bride’s Dress: Jenny Packham
Venue: Alta Lodge
Groom’s Suit: J. Crew
Florist: Kandyce Carrol

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Rachel and Brady03.07.14

Green Apple Photography

A fun little moment from Rachel and Brady’s wedding last weekend!

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Katie and Chris ~ Rainy Day Sneak Peak02.25.14


This lovely, lovey, rainy, wedding coming up next!

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Jack Turns One02.21.14


My silly Jack. We love you to bits and pieces. It’s been a few months since your party, but I wanted to tell you how much I love you and special you are to our family. It’s been enlightening and exciting to see the ways you are your own unique self. You are such a happy sleeper and eater, and will eat almost anything. Risotto? Sure! Salmon? Bring it on. You are like your Dad, in that when you are tired, you are ready for bed, coming up to us and saying, “nigh, nigh, baba.” You have a cute little bow-legged walk, and an iron fisted grip. Candy, dogs, hugs and kisses, and being outside as much as you can, make you happy. In the morning when we ask you where Lucy is, you climb into her bed, saying “Shhshhh” (Lucy.) She wakes up to you kissing her face. You are very silly, love to laugh, be chased, tickled and wrestled, and you give the best, big, open-mouth kisses. And if ever there was a busy baby, you are it. No cupboard is left unscathed, no toliet seat unclimbed. Your favorite is to either push things down something else, or collect items and drag them around. I have tallied your attention span, which clocks in around 10 seconds. You idolize your big sister, and Lucy looks out for you, and wont let anyone take a thing away from you. She willingly gives up her toys, and says, and will get in the face of anyone who makes you sad. We couldn’t imagine life without our busy, happy, silly boy!
We love you Jack Jack! Happy 1st Birthday!

For party details, read below!

greenapplephotography_0002_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0003_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0004_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0005_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0006_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0007_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0008_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0009_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0010_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0011_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0012_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0013_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0014_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0015_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0016_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0017_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0018_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0019_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0020_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0021_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0022_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0023_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0024_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0025_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0026_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0027_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0028_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0029_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0030_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0031_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0032_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0033_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0034_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0035_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0036_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0037_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0038_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0039_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0040_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0041_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0042_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0043_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0044_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0044B_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0045_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0046_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0047_jacksbirthday greenapplephotography_0048_jacksbirthday

Scott always knows around birthday time, I get super excited, and so it was with Jack’s birthday. I like to think I scaled back with a cereal bar for the food, and purchasing a cake. I definitely utilized the internet when researching the party, purchased some printables, and found inspiration for the Photobooth (which was done much more successfully than mine (note: use backdrop paper next time. Next time? hahaha.) My favorite part was the Super Hero Games. Scott did the training, which involved; a secret identity relay, super hero pose holding, and jumping over buildings. It was so cute to see how excited the kids were. They totally got into it! Jack was a little over whelmed, but he warmed up when we brought out the cake! We rented my friend Sarah’s studio, which was such a great space! It was such a great day, and we were so happy to have our family around us to celebrate Jack’s special day!

Cake: Tulie Bakery ~ Printables: One Charming Party and Lil Faces ~ Photo booth idea: One More Mushroom
Balloons: Ballons Fast

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Love Elements Trompe l’oiel ~ floral pattern, dahlias, strawberries02.20.14


For the latest installation of our Love Elements series, Allison, of Late Fete, and I wanted something simple, happy, and bright! It’s this time of winter when Spring might technically be closer, but it feels very, very far away. We thought it would be fun to play with color and pattern, and the results are so shiny and colorful. It makes my heart sing, to see such happy colors.

From Allison, “This is that time of year where we long for the warmth of sun on our faces, flowers as far as the eyes can see, juicy strawberries and color – lots of it! We truly believe, as Audrey Hepburn said, “happy girls are the prettiest girls” and this was the case with our beautiful and sweet model Alex Pynes. She embodies happiness. For this collaboration, we wanted to do a “trompe l’oie”and layer fabric and bright floral together because really sometimes we are surprised by a love that has been there all along, right in front or our eyes.”

I think I love these pictures even more, knowing that it was snowing and freezing, hahaha! And we made a last minute background change, literally 5 minutes before the shoot. The best laid plans…

greenapplephotography_0002_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0003_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0004_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0005_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0006_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0007_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0008_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0009_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0010_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0011_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0012_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0013_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0014_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0015_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0016_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0017_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0018_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0019_love_elements_pattern greenapplephotography_0020_love_elements_pattern

florals: La Fete, Model: Alex Pynes

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Florals: La Fete

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Jane and Alex | Salt Lake Hardware Wedding02.11.14


A beautiful wedding, with beautiful people, that makes me completely excited for Spring! I think this is fitting right before Valentine’s Day. Lots of love right here.

And here is where I met future, amazing friend, Allison Baddley. My jaw dropped when I walked in and saw the hanging terrariums. Unreal!

greenapplephotography_0002_Jane greenapplephotography_0003_Jane greenapplephotography_0004_Jane greenapplephotography_0005_Jane greenapplephotography_0006_Jane greenapplephotography_0007_Jane greenapplephotography_0008_Jane greenapplephotography_0009_Jane greenapplephotography_0010_Jane greenapplephotography_0011_Jane greenapplephotography_0012_Jane greenapplephotography_0013_Jane greenapplephotography_0014_Jane greenapplephotography_0015_Jane greenapplephotography_0016_Jane greenapplephotography_0017_Jane greenapplephotography_0018_Jane greenapplephotography_0019_Jane greenapplephotography_0020_Jane greenapplephotography_0021_Jane   greenapplephotography_0024_Jane greenapplephotography_0025_Jane greenapplephotography_0026_Jane greenapplephotography_0027_Jane greenapplephotography_0028_Jane greenapplephotography_0029_Jane greenapplephotography_0030_Jane greenapplephotography_0031_Jane greenapplephotography_0032_Jane greenapplephotography_0033_Jane greenapplephotography_0034_Jane greenapplephotography_0035_Jane greenapplephotography_0036_Jane greenapplephotography_0037_Jane greenapplephotography_0038_Jane greenapplephotography_0039_Jane greenapplephotography_0040_Jane greenapplephotography_0041_Jane greenapplephotography_0042_Jane greenapplephotography_0043_Jane greenapplephotography_0044_Jane greenapplephotography_0045_Jane greenapplephotography_0046_Jane greenapplephotography_0047_Jane greenapplephotography_0048_Jane greenapplephotography_0049_Jane greenapplephotography_0050_Jane greenapplephotography_0051_Jane greenapplephotography_0052_Jane greenapplephotography_0053_Jane greenapplephotography_0054_Jane

Dress: Alta Moda
Florals: Allison Baddley/La Fete
Venue: Salt Lake Hardware Building
Catering: Culinary Crafts
Cake: Pastry Arts
Invitations: Design, Joseph LaBaron~Letterpress, Ben Dougal

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Mallory and Josh | Utah Maternity01.08.14


But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
And to bleed willingly and joyfully.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;
To rest and the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy:
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

-Kahlil Gibran The Prophet

greenapplephotography_0002_maternity greenapplephotography_0003_maternity greenapplephotography_0004_maternity greenapplephotography_0005_maternity greenapplephotography_0006_maternity greenapplephotography_0007_maternity greenapplephotography_0008_maternity greenapplephotography_0009_maternity greenapplephotography_0010_maternity greenapplephotography_0011_maternity greenapplephotography_0012_maternity greenapplephotography_0013_maternity greenapplephotography_0014_maternity greenapplephotography_0015_maternity greenapplephotography_0016_maternity  greenapplephotography_0018_maternity greenapplephotography_0019_maternity greenapplephotography_0020_maternity greenapplephotography_0021_maternity greenapplephotography_0022_maternity greenapplephotography_0023_maternity greenapplephotography_0024_maternity greenapplephotography_0025_maternity greenapplephotography_0026_maternity greenapplephotography_0027_maternity greenapplephotography_0028_maternity greenapplephotography_0029_maternity greenapplephotography_0030_maternity greenapplephotography_0031_maternity greenapplephotography_0032_maternity greenapplephotography_0033_maternity
I love this sweet family, and so happy their long awaited boy is now here! Congratulations Mallory and Josh!

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Green Apple Photography 2013 Highlights01.02.14


2013, I will remember you as the year of no sleep! The year I had a newborn, the year we lost Ollie, the year that challenged me in ways unexpected. The year of evaluation and soul searching, of making new friends, and stretching my shy self a bit. I have never done one of these 2013 photo recaps, and after several hours of working on this, I know why! It exposes one of my greatest photography weaknesses…editing! How do I choose a favorite, one favorite from each wedding, session, family? Obviously, I couldn’t do it. Sometimes I just couldn’t pick a favorite, and had to do two, or three. But I sure did try to keep this short. It’s a little bit fascinating to look back over these. I remember each session, for where Jack was growing, how he was sleeping, what the weather was like. All of my clients have become part of my collective conscience. Nina and Landon, I’ll never forget flying to your wedding, with my 6 week-old, and three bags of luggage to contain all he needed! That after your absolutely beautiful day, I came out to the car, and my family was waiting for me there, and Jack hungry! I’ll never forget that it rained at every single one of Katie and Chris’s three events. Crazy, torrential rain, that didn’t stop them one little bit, and their day was unexpected, and adventurous and perfect. How I photographed Mallory in the early stages of Spring, and then, 9 months later, again, right before her perfect boy made his way to her and officially changed everything for the better. I remember shooting Mari and Blake’s wedding three years ago, and their perfect newborn just recently, but also, how they modeled for me 18 months ago, with their first newborn in tow. How I knew Elyse when she was growing up, and Alex and Blake, when Lucy was 9 months, along for the ride in Idaho Falls. Life keeps moving on, and I’m so grateful for that one little part of it I get to share with you. You truly become a part of my life, and I’m grateful for the beautiful moments that are opened up to me through knowing you.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014. One with maybe a little more sleep, and just as much love. Happy New Year’s!

greenapplephotography_0002_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0003_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0004_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0005_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0006_BESTOF

greenapple_0017 greenapple_0031 greenapplephotography_0007_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0008_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0009_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0010_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0011_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0012_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0013_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0014_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0015_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0016_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0017_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0018_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0019_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0020_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0021_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0022_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0023_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0024_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0025_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0026_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0027_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0028_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0029_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0030_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0031_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0033_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0034_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0035_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0036_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0037_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0038_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0039_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0040_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0041_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0042_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0043_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0044_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0045_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0046_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0047_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0048_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0049_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0050_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0051_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0052_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0053_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0054_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0055_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0056_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0057_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0058_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0059_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0060_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0061_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0062_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0063_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0064_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0065_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0066_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0067_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0068_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0069_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0070_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0071_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0072_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0073_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0074_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0075_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0076_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0077_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0078_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0079_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0080_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0081_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0082_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0083_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0084_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0085_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0086_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0087_BESTOF

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Winter Sale12.30.13

winter sale

One more week of the Winter Sale! All wedding packages are discounted $200 through January 4th, 2014!

I’d love to see you this upcoming year and share in your beautiful wedding!

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