Mallory and Josh | Utah Maternity01.08.14


But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
And to bleed willingly and joyfully.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;
To rest and the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy:
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

-Kahlil Gibran The Prophet

greenapplephotography_0002_maternity greenapplephotography_0003_maternity greenapplephotography_0004_maternity greenapplephotography_0005_maternity greenapplephotography_0006_maternity greenapplephotography_0007_maternity greenapplephotography_0008_maternity greenapplephotography_0009_maternity greenapplephotography_0010_maternity greenapplephotography_0011_maternity greenapplephotography_0012_maternity greenapplephotography_0013_maternity greenapplephotography_0014_maternity greenapplephotography_0015_maternity greenapplephotography_0016_maternity  greenapplephotography_0018_maternity greenapplephotography_0019_maternity greenapplephotography_0020_maternity greenapplephotography_0021_maternity greenapplephotography_0022_maternity greenapplephotography_0023_maternity greenapplephotography_0024_maternity greenapplephotography_0025_maternity greenapplephotography_0026_maternity greenapplephotography_0027_maternity greenapplephotography_0028_maternity greenapplephotography_0029_maternity greenapplephotography_0030_maternity greenapplephotography_0031_maternity greenapplephotography_0032_maternity greenapplephotography_0033_maternity
I love this sweet family, and so happy their long awaited boy is now here! Congratulations Mallory and Josh!

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Green Apple Photography 2013 Highlights01.02.14


2013, I will remember you as the year of no sleep! The year I had a newborn, the year we lost Ollie, the year that challenged me in ways unexpected. The year of evaluation and soul searching, of making new friends, and stretching my shy self a bit. I have never done one of these 2013 photo recaps, and after several hours of working on this, I know why! It exposes one of my greatest photography weaknesses…editing! How do I choose a favorite, one favorite from each wedding, session, family? Obviously, I couldn’t do it. Sometimes I just couldn’t pick a favorite, and had to do two, or three. But I sure did try to keep this short. It’s a little bit fascinating to look back over these. I remember each session, for where Jack was growing, how he was sleeping, what the weather was like. All of my clients have become part of my collective conscience. Nina and Landon, I’ll never forget flying to your wedding, with my 6 week-old, and three bags of luggage to contain all he needed! That after your absolutely beautiful day, I came out to the car, and my family was waiting for me there, and Jack hungry! I’ll never forget that it rained at every single one of Katie and Chris’s three events. Crazy, torrential rain, that didn’t stop them one little bit, and their day was unexpected, and adventurous and perfect. How I photographed Mallory in the early stages of Spring, and then, 9 months later, again, right before her perfect boy made his way to her and officially changed everything for the better. I remember shooting Mari and Blake’s wedding three years ago, and their perfect newborn just recently, but also, how they modeled for me 18 months ago, with their first newborn in tow. How I knew Elyse when she was growing up, and Alex and Blake, when Lucy was 9 months, along for the ride in Idaho Falls. Life keeps moving on, and I’m so grateful for that one little part of it I get to share with you. You truly become a part of my life, and I’m grateful for the beautiful moments that are opened up to me through knowing you.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014. One with maybe a little more sleep, and just as much love. Happy New Year’s!

greenapplephotography_0002_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0003_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0004_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0005_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0006_BESTOF

greenapple_0017 greenapple_0031 greenapplephotography_0007_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0008_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0009_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0010_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0011_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0012_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0013_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0014_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0015_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0016_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0017_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0018_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0019_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0020_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0021_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0022_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0023_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0024_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0025_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0026_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0027_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0028_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0029_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0030_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0031_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0033_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0034_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0035_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0036_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0037_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0038_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0039_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0040_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0041_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0042_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0043_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0044_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0045_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0046_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0047_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0048_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0049_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0050_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0051_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0052_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0053_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0054_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0055_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0056_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0057_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0058_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0059_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0060_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0061_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0062_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0063_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0064_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0065_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0066_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0067_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0068_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0069_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0070_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0071_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0072_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0073_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0074_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0075_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0076_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0077_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0078_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0079_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0080_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0081_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0082_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0083_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0084_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0085_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0086_BESTOF greenapplephotography_0087_BESTOF

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Winter Sale12.30.13

winter sale

One more week of the Winter Sale! All wedding packages are discounted $200 through January 4th, 2014!

I’d love to see you this upcoming year and share in your beautiful wedding!

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Love Elements Evergreen | Utah Christmas Photography12.23.13


Love Elements Evergreen ~ Snow ~ Winter Crowns

I’m going to be 100% honest here, this shoot was intense! Sometimes, somethings, throw you for a loop, and this happened to be one of them. It was cold, it was snowy, it was dangerous driving, there were equipment malfunctions and dead car batteries. And despite all the crazy, there were four beautiful girls, and four beautiful hair wreaths, three cold mama’s, who were worried about the cold babies, and a whole bunch of Christmas Tree Lot Dude’s, who thought we were absolutely nutsos.

Sometimes that’s just how life goes, and I’d like to say I always weather that storm with clear eyes, and a peaceful heart, but truth be told, my mind goes a million miles per minute, my heart starts beating even harder, and I might get a little flustered from time to time. But despite it all, I think this is one of the most satisfying shoots. There’s something to say for being proud, when your vision needs to change suddenly. Like that cute, vintage sled I had? Yeah, we scrapped that. Hot chocolate, soon became cold chocolate. Life happens, sometimes in the middle of a shoot. BUT, Allison, who as always, completely wins with beauty and awesomeness, made the most beautiful wreaths, was my rock, when I needed calm, and ran back and forth providing blankets and warmth and love. And her beautiful words (which you should read over here,) convey the truth of our intentions and the magic, I’m proud to say, I think we still accomplished.

A huge thanks to Sophie, Chloe, Zoee and Nora!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope that if this season has been a bit hectic, crazy, and not exactly as planned, that we can all enjoy with our families these precious days, and enjoy the magic that is the season!

greenapplephotography_0002_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0003_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0004_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0005_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0006_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0007_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0008_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0009_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0010_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0011_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0012_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0013_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0014_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0015_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0016_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0017_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0018_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0019_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0020_evergreenshoot greenapplephotography_0021_evergreenshoot Evergreen Christmas

Florals: La Fete, Allison Baddley

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Love Elements | Homemade Christmas12.13.13


Love Elements
Vanilla Extract ~ Orange Sugar ~ Watercolor Tags

There is nothing better than receiving a decadent little something on your doorstep. Allison of La Fete, and I had the idea that it would be fun to work on our Christmas projects together, focusing on simple, affordable and delicious, because let’s be honest, I probably wasn’t going to be doing it on my own. We started with Madagascar Vanilla for our friend and neighbor gifts, and then thought of adding the orange infused sugar too, because really, why not? Who wouldn’t love to use some fancy sugar on their Christmas morning crêpes! We had so much fun making these! Allison’s house smelled amazing, I kept sneaking sugar, and the kids were playing musical parade! Lucy has a surprise talent with the harmonica. Who knew? We finished them off with some red and white twine, and these darling Homemade By tags, created by the AMAZING Jayne Swallow, of October Ink. We played around with watercolors, but you could also use some color pencils, and it would be a great project to involve the kids on! Coloring is Lucy’s favorite, so I’m putting her sweet talents to work. Bonus! You can download the free Christmas tag printable from Jayne’s website here! Also, instructions and supplies for the vanilla extract and orange infused sugar are listed below. Merry Homemade Christmas! 
greenapplephotography_0002_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0003_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0004_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0005_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0006_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0007_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0008_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0009_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0010_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0011_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0012_homemadechristmas greenapplephotography_0013_homemadechristmas

Homemade Madagascar Vanilla Extract: 4 ounces of Vodka, 2 vanilla beans, extract grade.

This might be the easiest thing I’ve ever made and the vanilla smells sooo good!  The recipe takes all of 2 steps, so it doesn’t get much simpler. We decided on four ounce bottles, which equals half a cup. You could also double (or quadruple this recipe!) We went with a straight Vodka here, the cheapest best we could find. Next time I think I will try Bourbon with Mexican Vanilla Beans. You could even put the beans straight in the bottle, if you are making the extract just for you. No judgement here. Sharing is hard. These are also super affordable. Our price breakdown per 4 ounces was a grand total of $2.50-$.70 for the bottle, $.80 for the liquor and $1.00 for two vanilla beans.


1-Split the vanilla beans, and cut to fit into bottles. We cut ours in half, so we put in 4 half-vanilla beans.
2-Top off with vodka, seal, and store in a cool, dark place.
3-Shake once a week for 8 weeks.
4-At the end of 8 weeks, your extract is ready! You can remove the pods, and strain out the vanilla bits of yumminess, but I think I will just remove the vanilla pods. I want to keep as much goodness as possible in these.

Voila! Easy peasy. Don’t worry if you don’t have yours done 8 weeks before Christmas (I didn’t.) Just add some instructions on your tag, or a little sticker with the ready by date.

Orange Sugar: A whole bunch of sugar, and some orange zest

Hows that’s for being official? This is another super easy project. We just combined sugar and orange zest, to taste. We used a mortar and pestle, but for larger quantities, you could use a food processor or blender. The orange zest is strong, so sprinkle judiciously and test as you go. Next time I think I will play around with different fruits–Pomegranate and Turbinado sugar, maybe? I’m planning on keeping my orange sugar on the counter, for when the fancy-pants mood strikes.

Homemade Tags at October Ink: I printed ours at Kinkos
La Fete Floral: Design genius of Allison Baddley
Madagascar Vanilla Beans: I bought extract grade beans. They aren’t as pretty and plump, but are more concentrated in flavor.
Extract Jars: If you live in Utah, you can pick these up and save some $$ on mailing.
Red and White Twine: Maison Confiserie et Boutique
Weck Jars: At your local kitchen supply store.

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Jill and Mauricio | Red Butte Gardens Wedding12.06.13


This was such a sweet wedding, at the beautiful Red Butte Gardens. Jill and Mauricio are artistic souls and made many personal touches to the wedding. Jill designed the top half of her beautiful dress, and hand painted all of the table signs. The flowers were jaw dropping amazing from Carolyn May. She’s pure magic. I am so happy for this wonderful couple! Congratulations Jill and Mauricio!

greenapplephotography_0002_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0003_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0004_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0005_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0006_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0007_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0008_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0009_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0010_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0011_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0012_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0013_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0014_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0015_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0016_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0017_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0018_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0019_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0020_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0021_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0022_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0023_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0024_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0025_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0026_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0027_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0028_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0029_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0030_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0031_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0032_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0033_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0034_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0035_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0036_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0037_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0038_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0039_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0040_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0041_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0042_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0043_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0044_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0045_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0046_redbutteweddings greenapplephotography_0047_redbutteweddings

Dress: The Perfect Dress/Maggie Sottero
Suit: Suit Supply
Cake: Heritage Cakes
Florals: Carolyn May
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Videographer: Patrick Romero
Catering: Have Party Will Travel
Rings: Jewelry District, Downtown LA
Bridesmaids skirts: Shabby Apple

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Baby Crew | Utah Newborn Photographer11.27.13

newborn, babies

Just a little snippet of today. There’s nothing better than a new baby, in his Momma’s arms, being serious and perfect.

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Love Elements | Gather Shoot11.18.13

Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals

Sometimes you get lucky enough to meet a kindred soul, a la Anne of Green Gables style. I’m so lucky to have met Allison Baddley, owner of La Fete Floral and Events. Allison is an amazing talent, and we have been collaborating together on a little project called, Love Elements. The premise is simple. We want to create simple, beautiful inspiration, based off of three elements. For our first shoot, we wanted to focus on wheat, persimmon, and gold. Allison says it beautifully below. A huge thank you to Laura Miller, of You Doll Design for the calligraphy, and Beckie Winston, of Maison Confisserie and Boutique for the beautiful jewelry. Read below to read Allison’s eloquent description.

Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals Love Elements, Gather Autumn Florals

For our first Love elements collaboration, we were inspired by the word “Gather” and wanted to showcase autumn’s natural bounty.  We liked the idea of gathering a big bouquet of golden wheat straight from nature, so obvious to us our first element was going to be  – WHEAT.

From there, we decided that we would like a natural looking model with wheat colored hair in a simple wheat colored dress. We liked the idea of using her natural beauty with a pop of orange red on her lips and darling orange booties. Our thoughts again went to the rich colorful fruits of the season and our 2nd element came to mind – PERSIMMON.

Even though the model is a natural beauty, we still wanted to add some sparkle to our shoot and we looked to Beckie Winston, the owner of Maison Confisserie & Boutique for something delicate and pretty that represented the gold found in autumn.  She donated the simple, yet amazing earrings and bracelets for the shoot and we decided that they represented our last element perfectly – GOLD.

The love element story – Everything about our story was inspired by our 3 Love elements. We decided that the Utah Mountains were the perfect setting because the backdrop is breathtakingly stunning this time of year.  Also, we instantly thought of the sweet and beautiful Elizabeth Pynes to use as our model.  She has never modeled before and has such a sweet quality about her because, believe it or not, she has no idea how beautiful she is. The story follows the simple path of a young girl in love.  She is out for an autumn stroll with the intent of gathering nature’s harvest.  Along the way, she gathers a bountiful bushel of golden wheat and also makes an autumnal bouquet and adorns her hair with flowers.

Credits: Florist: Allison Baddley/La Fete, Calligrapher: Laura Miller/You Doll Design, Jewelry: Maison Confiserie et Boutique

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Devon and Jake (and Utley) | Utah Autumn Engagements11.04.13

Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen

Dogs, Mountains, lovely in love couples, and Autumn…yep, it doesn’t get much better than this. It was a beautiful morning spent with Devon, Jake, and their cute pup, Utley.

Utah Autumnn Mountain EngagementUtah Autumnn Mountain EngagemenUtah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen

Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen  Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen Utah Autumnn Mountain EngagemenUtah Autumnn Mountain EngagemenUtah Autumnn Mountain Engagemen

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Elyse and David | Sundance Autumn Wedding11.04.13

Autumn Sundance Wedding

I first met Elyse when she was 14, and I was newly married. I was so honored to share in Elyse and David’s beautiful, beautiful, day. These two together are magic.

Beautiful flowers by Tinge Floral.

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