Lucy and Jack07.01.15

Thoughts on Instagram, that I wanted to remember here.


On Lucy,

Lucy Bear, my sweet, sweet girl. She’s someone who is constantly thinking and worried about others. Sports concern her, because she doesn’t like that there’s a loser. The other day, I got the stomach flu and she popped out of bed and anxiously told me, “Mom! You need to get in the bath right away!”
A perfect example is when we were in Disneyland a few months ago. She got tired and asked me to hold her. And as I held her newly gangly body in my arms, she rubbed my back, and arms, making me as comfortable and happy as she knew how.
She wraps their world in her arms, and tries her best to heal all it’s wounds. She fearlessly defends those she loves, but refuses to do battle with those that wound her. We love our gentle bug, whose eyes twinkle and soul sparkles. She lights up a room and is the sunshine in our lives. Thank you Lucy for being the one to make us Mom and Dad.


On Jack,

He’s terrified of snails, and if you ask him, it’s their “scawey eyes.”
He likes riding his bike, which means walking his bike with his helmet on, often pant-less.
He desperately wants a dog, following around our cousin’s labradoodle version, gently chanting, Molly, Molly, Molly (like a stalker.)
And he clarifies, “I want a dog! A big one! Sleep in my bed?”
All kids his age are called Baby, although he is steadfastly, “A big boy!”
He loves Daddy the best, with me and Lucy tied as second. But he gives me all the kisses I ask for, and he can’t function if Lucy isn’t right by his side, patiently and not so patiently being tormented by him.
He tucks screwdrivers into his diaper, refuses to take his superhero cape off and only answers to Bat Bat
His kisses are sticky, his knees are scraped, he leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes…
Jack is my boy. The one I thought I’d never have. I love him so.

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Schultz Family ~ First home loves06.23.15


I believe in showing your heart, but sometimes I let self-doubt and worry hold mine back. I’m not sure why. Mainly it’s because I want to be perfect all the time. And I’m most definitely not, so I come up short ALLLLL the time. So, I decided to let go of that. To not worry about perfection, but to just be present. To witness this moment in time, a place of transition for Brooke and her beautiful family. They are leaving this space, and exchanging mountains for oceans. It’s got me thinking. Home is those you love, but it’s also that physicality of location. The safety net of where you bring your babies home to, and cook in and fight in, and sleep in and love in. It’s where you go for refuge. It’s the protector of secret heart-aches and dreams. Homes are alive to me, active and messy. I wanted to capture home, the verb, not the noun. And that version isn’t perfect, but it’s very, very real. Brooke is talented and lovely, a good Momma and a good woman. She’s been a friend to me, and I’m so happy I got to share in this afternoon with her sweet family.

green_apple_b_002_families_film green_apple_b_003_families_film green_apple_b_004_families_film green_apple_b_005_families_film green_apple_b_006_families_film green_apple_b_007_families_film green_apple_b_008_families_film green_apple_b_009_families_film green_apple_b_010_families_film green_apple_b_011_families_film green_apple_b_012_families_film green_apple_b_013_families_film green_apple_b_014_families_film green_apple_b_015_families_film green_apple_b_016_families_film green_apple_b_017_families_filmstoryboard001 green_apple_b_018_families_film green_apple_b_019_families_film green_apple_b_020_families_film green_apple_b_021_families_film green_apple_b_022_families_film green_apple_b_023_families_film green_apple_b_024_families_film green_apple_b_025_families_film green_apple_b_026_families_film green_apple_b_027_families_film green_apple_b_029_families_film green_apple_b_033_families_filmstoryboard002 storyboard003

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Charity and Ian | Utah Autumn Wedding05.14.15


Clear eyes, full hearts.

That’s the way Charity and Ian see the world and it’s the way they love everyone in that world.

I’m just so grateful I was able to spin in their orbit for a little bit. One little story. Charity and Ian hand wrote thank you letters to every single wedding dinner guest, including me. I was incredibly touched and I feel like that sums up the two of them pretty well. Always paying it forward, adding to the goodness in the world.

You can view Charity’s lovely blog here, where she chronicles their love story and adventure.

Fall_Wedding_Utah_0003_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0004_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0006_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0007_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0009_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0011_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0013_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0014_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0015_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0016_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0017_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0018_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0019_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0020_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0021_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0022_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0024_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0027_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0028_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0029_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0030_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0031_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0032_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0033_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0034_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0035_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0037_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0038_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0039_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0040_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0041_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0042_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0043_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0044_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0045_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0046_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0047_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0048_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0049_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0050_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0051_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0052_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0053_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0054_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0055_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0056_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0057_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0058_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0059_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0060_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0061_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0062_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0063_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0064_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0065_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0066_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0067_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0068_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0069_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0070_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0071_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0072_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0073_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0074_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0075_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0076_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0077_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0078_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0079_greenapplephotography Fall_Wedding_Utah_0080_greenapplephotography

Bridal:The Perfect Dress / Suit:HM Cole / Videography: West End Creative Group / Floral and Decor:Lindsay Spencer / Invitations: October Ink, Bjorn Press / DJ: Eli Eyre / Catering: Cozette Carlson, Seine Macarons / Rentals: All out Tent and Event Rental / Rings: Adiamore and Melanie Casey Jewelry / Bridesmaids: Boden, ASOS, Anthropologie

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Miller’s ~ Utah Family Photographer04.07.15


I first met Sharstin at a Valentine’s party. I will never forget it, because one of my favorite Lucy stories happened there (Lucy snuck bags of candy in her skirt, and was sneakily eating the entire cookie decoration stash, while I was photographing.) I will also never forget the meeting because, seriously, Sharstin and her girls are stunningly beautiful. Beautiful in the beautiful inside, beautiful outside kinda way. She was pregnant with her sweet Leo, and I just had Jack, and I felt a kinship of talking to another Mother about boys (since I was a novice in that department.)

Sharstin has become a friend, and I can’t think of a sweeter family. If you know Sharstin, you know this to be true. And it was a great honor to photograph a moment in their life. Moments are fleeting, and I’ve been guilty of missing a lot of my own lately. When babies are taking their first steps, and getting their first teeth. When sons are growing up, but not too cool to run with their little sister. When everyone is crying and laughing and spinning. I’ll take it, and photograph it, and keep a tiny bit for my story too.

Thank you so much Sharstin and Andrew! XOXO

utah_family_0002_greenapple utah_family_0003_greenapple utah_family_0004_greenapple utah_family_0005_greenapple utah_family_0006_greenapple utah_family_0007_greenapple utah_family_0008_greenapple utah_family_0009_greenapple utah_family_0010_greenapple utah_family_0011_greenapple utah_family_0012_greenapple utah_family_0013_greenapple utah_family_0014_greenapple utah_family_0015_greenapple utah_family_0016_greenapple utah_family_0017_greenapple utah_family_0018_greenapple utah_family_0019_greenapple utah_family_0020_greenapple utah_family_0021_greenapple utah_family_0022_greenapple utah_family_0023_greenapple utah_family_0024_greenapple utah_family_0025_greenapple utah_family_0026_greenapple utah_family_0027_greenapple utah_family_0028_greenapple utah_family_0029_greenapple utah_family_0030_greenapple utah_family_0031_greenapple utah_family_0032_greenapple utah_family_0033_greenapplemm

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Kim and Alex | Utah Mountain Bridals03.18.15

utah bridals_0001_greenapple

We went out of town for a few days, and when we got back, the trees were blooming and the flowers were making their grand debut. It’s such a happy day when Spring makes it’s official appearance. And it’s a really happy day, remembering this beautiful session with Kim and Alex. The day was really rainy (remember how it rained forever last year?) and Kim’s dress had layers upon layers of hand beading, and so we stayed carefully put in one beautiful mountain spot, and made some lovely, summer magic. Can you believe Kim hand beaded this amazing dress? From the gorgeous flowers by Lizy Bowden/Lizy’s Lilies, and the a super fly man bun, I was in love with the entire session!

Happy Spring!

utah bridals_0002_greenapple utah bridals_0003_greenapple utah bridals_0004_greenapple utah bridals_0005_greenapple utah bridals_0006_greenapple utah bridals_0007_greenapple utah bridals_0008_greenapple utah bridals_0009_greenapple utah bridals_0010_greenapple utah bridals_0011_greenapple utah bridals_0012_greenapple utah bridals_0013_greenapple utah bridals_0014_greenapple utah bridals_0015_greenapple utah bridals_0016_greenapple utah bridals_0017_greenapple utah bridals_0018_greenapple utah bridals_0019_greenapple utah bridals_0020_greenapple utah bridals_0021_greenapple utah bridals_0022_greenapple utah bridals_0023_greenapple utah bridals_0024_greenapple

Dress: Custom made, Michelle Golightly
Flowers: Lizy’s Lillies
Suit: Zara

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Annie and Tanner ~ Utah Mountain Engagements02.23.15


A sweet moment from this weekend.

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Kim and Alex ~ Utah Mountain Engagements02.17.15


A perfect couple on a perfect day. Here’s my official notice that I’m excited for sunshine and summertime to make it’s reappearance!

tibblefork_0002_greenapple tibblefork_0003_greenapple tibblefork_0004_greenapple tibblefork_0005_greenapple tibblefork_0006_greenapple tibblefork_0007_greenapple tibblefork_0008_greenapple tibblefork_0009_greenapple tibblefork_0010_greenapple tibblefork_0011_greenapple tibblefork_0012_greenapple tibblefork_0013_greenapple tibblefork_0014_greenapple tibblefork_0015_greenapple tibblefork_0016_greenapple tibblefork_0017_greenapple tibblefork_0018_greenapple tibblefork_0019_greenapple tibblefork_0020_greenapple

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Devon & Jake ~ Published Utah Bride Blog ~ Homestead Resort02.09.15

I’m so excited to share Devon and Jake’s beautiful summer wedding, which is currently featured in Utah Bride blog’s lovely, online magazine. Devon are the epitome of grace and kindness. I loved every second of working with them, from their sweet pups Utley and Scout and Carousel, to the beautiful flowers and gown. It was a perfect and happy day. Thank you Devon and Jake for the beautiful time and Utah Bride Blog for the wonderful feature! Please see below for all the vendors who contributed to make Devon and Jake’s such a sweet one.

greenapple_0001_homesteadwedding greenapple_0002_homesteadwedding greenapple_0003_homesteadwedding greenapple_0004_homesteadwedding greenapple_0005_homesteadwedding greenapple_0006_homesteadwedding greenapple_0007_homesteadwedding greenapple_0008_homesteadwedding greenapple_0009_homesteadwedding greenapple_0010_homesteadwedding greenapple_0011_homesteadwedding greenapple_0012_homesteadwedding greenapple_0013_homesteadwedding greenapple_0014_homesteadwedding greenapple_0015_homesteadwedding greenapple_0016_homesteadwedding greenapple_0017_homesteadwedding greenapple_0018_homesteadwedding greenapple_0019_homesteadwedding greenapple_0020_homesteadwedding greenapple_0021_homesteadwedding greenapple_0022_homesteadwedding greenapple_0023_homesteadwedding greenapple_0024_homesteadwedding greenapple_0025_homesteadwedding greenapple_0026_homesteadwedding greenapple_0027_homesteadwedding greenapple_0028_homesteadwedding greenapple_0029_homesteadwedding greenapple_0030_homesteadwedding greenapple_0031_homesteadwedding greenapple_0032_homesteadwedding greenapple_0033_homesteadwedding greenapple_0034_homesteadwedding greenapple_0035_homesteadwedding greenapple_0036_homesteadwedding greenapple_0037_homesteadwedding greenapple_0038_homesteadwedding greenapple_0039_homesteadwedding greenapple_0040_homesteadwedding greenapple_0041_homesteadwedding greenapple_0042_homesteadwedding greenapple_0043_homesteadwedding greenapple_0044_homesteadwedding greenapple_0045_homesteadwedding greenapple_0046_homesteadwedding greenapple_0047_homesteadwedding greenapple_0048_homesteadwedding greenapple_0049_homesteadwedding

Flowers: Flower Afternoon ~ Venue: Homestead Resort ~ Dress: Bride Shop ~ Suit: Jos A Bank ~ Bridesmaids: J.Crew ~ Rings: Blue Nile ~ Life of the Party

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Marie Antoinette | Melissa Blackburn | Utah Valley Bride01.30.15

marie antoinette_0001_greenapplephotography
I feel incredibly lucky to have been asked to contribute to such an incredible, intricate and beautiful Marie Antoinette themed shoot last year. Melissa Blackburn designed and created each of these exquisite dresses, and the shoot was a testament to her immense talent. I’m so excited to share these photos with you and I will link the other photographers who participated down below. It’s fun to see how everyone interpreted the scenes differently and in their own unique way. An amazing shout-out to Tinge Floral and Sweet Tooth Fairy for their hard work and beautiful florals and sweets, as well as all the other vendors listed below. And if you want to see more, Mikki Platt’s images of the editorial are currently in Utah Valley Bride! Now let’s all eat some cake. marie antoinette_0002_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0003_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0004_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0005_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0006_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0007_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0008_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0009_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0010_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0011_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0012_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0013_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0014_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0015_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0016_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0017_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0018_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0019_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0020_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0021_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0022_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0023_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0024_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0025_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0026_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0027_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0028_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0029_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0030_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0031_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0032_greenapplephotography marie antoinette_0033_greenapplephotography

Thank you to, Dresses ~ Melissa Blackburn | Creative Directors ~ Melissa Blackburn, Jefra Starr Linn & Mikki Platt | Florals ~ Tinge Floral | Sweets ~ Sweet Tooth Fairy | Make-Up ~ Kissable Complexions | Hair ~ Bethany Loveless, Jessie Ward, Kali Wengreen | Table Styling ~ Karli Elaine Events | Cake ~ Cake-a-licious | Backdrop ~ Penny Jones | Prop Styling ~ Rosie Jarman/My Dear Lizzy | Props ~ Hale Center Theater | Floral Head Piece ~ Brittnay Jepsen/House that Lars Built

Contributing Photographers: Heather Nan, Mikki Platt, Kiera Eve, Crystalyn Nilson, Jefra Star Linn, & Nichole V
Models: Katie McDermott, Jacee Murray, Michelle White, Kelsey Lund Murphy, Amanda Larsen, Shaquel Farr, Rosalie Badger Long, Ashlyn Anderson, Chloe Thompson, Sarah Miskin, Suzy Clawson, Camille Romriell, Dani Braun, Chris Clark, Hank and Slade Blackburn

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Sarah | JSMB/ Garden Park Bridals01.27.15

garden park bridals_0001_greenapplephotography

Sarah is a beauty, through and through, and as my sweet Lucy would say, she looks like a Princess. If you can believe it, these were taken in December…in 50 degree weather. I couldn’t have asked for a more magical afternoon. Thank you Sarah!

Beautiful dress custom made by Penelope’s and lovely flowers by Amy Curtis!

garden park bridals_0002_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0003_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0004_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0005_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0006_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0007_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0008_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0009_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0010_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0011_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0012_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0013_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0014_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0015_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0016_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0017_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0018_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0019_greenapplephotography garden park bridals_0020_greenapplephotography

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