Mari and Blake | Utah Family Photographer

The raising of a child is the building of a cathedral. You can’t cut corners
— Dave Eggers

Mari and Blake, from bride and groom, to models, to parents, to some of my favorite people, are absolutely doing this parenting thing right. It was such a treat to watch them love, love, love on their kids. You can see it. They find so much joy in parenthood, and it's inspiring to witness. Tantrums were had, there were tears, and it didn't matter, and didn't slow down their roll. Honestly, life isn't made of perfect moments. It's made of a whole lot of small, imperfect ones. Those are the ones we need to grab onto, because I tell you, every time you put away too small clothes, you get a little heartsick that this moment is gone. A new one is coming and it's pretty amazing too, but enjoy those little every day ones, because together they make a life.